Healthy Habits - Healthy Mouth


Excellent oral hygiene starts with healthy habits, which means you need to know the good as well as the bad.

Good Habits: Bad Habits:
: Brushing teeth twice a day              : 
: : Flossing in between teeth once a day     : Chewing tobacco 
: Well-balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables     : High sugar diet
: Receive a cleaning every six months     :
Drinking soda 


How to brush your teeth:

  : Position toothbrush at a 45-degree angle on your gums. 
  : Gently move the brush back and forth on all teeth. 

: Clean the inside part of the front teeth by turning the brush vertically and brushing up and down.  
  : Finally, remove bacteria that cause bad breath by brushing your tongue. 

How to floss your teeth:

  : Wrap 18 inches of dental floss around both middle fingers. Hold it tightly between index fingers and thumbs. 
  : Gently guide the floss back and forth between your teeth. 
  : At the gum line, slide the floss into a C-shape to get between the tooth and gum. 
  : Cover each side of the tooth with gentle up and down motions. 

: Repeat on each tooth, including the backside of the last molar.