Adult Dental Exams


 A dentist can detect oral diseases, disorders and deformities before they become large issues – issues such as periodontal disease, which can threaten the tooth and bone structure of the mouth. Going to the dentist every six months is an important part of maintaining outstanding oral health. There is not a standardized dental examination that all dentists adhere to, but for the most part, the following are included:

Prophylaxis - Cleaning of the teeth involving removal of plaque buildup, flossing and polishing. A prophylaxis is usually performed by the dental hygienist.

Dental Exam - Post-prophylaxis, the dentist will examine the mouth for caries and other conditions.

Oral Cancer Exam - The beginning stages of oral cancer can appear without pain. A dental professional can identify precancerous cells during a comprehensive exam.

X-rays - Either bitewings or panoramic x-rays may be taken before the prophylaxis. These x-rays allow the dentist to view caries underneath fillings and between teeth.


Headed to the dentist for your exam? If you have young children, your dentist suggests you bring them along. (learn more)